2011 Callaway Razr Iron – From Oliver Wilson

Good afternoon everyone. We posted some pictures of the 2011 Callaway Razr irons last week (thanks to the guys at Golfwrx for those). Now European Tour player Oliver Wilson has added another view of these irons via his Twitter page. He also mentioned the Razr hybrid and shared a pic of some Callaway wedges too. Wilson is one of the many golfers on Twitter and is probably one of my favorites on there. Here’s what he has to say…

Did some new Callaway product testing today with the new Razor series of irons. The Forged are in the pic below.

2011 Callaway Razr Iron

A few weeks ago he posted a pic of some new Callaway wedges that he was trying…

Busy day today..lots of equipment testing, new wedges & some drivers.

2011 Callaway Wedges

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