One Piece Turning Drill

A full shoulder turn is an important aspect in maximizing distance with all your clubs. Unfortunately, flexibility is needed to make a full shoulder turn, and that is a common thing for most players to lack.Without a full turn, your swing can fall into two categories. Either your swing is all arms, or a combination or arms and minimal shoulder turn. While both of these types of swings can produce results, they tend to lack repeatability and consistency.

one piece takeaway golf drill guru tips

If you have ever heard of someone talking about a one-piece takeaway, this is where it comes into play. A one-piece take away starts with the shoulders moving, the arms and club then follow. Ideally your swing should start with the movement of your shoulders, not your arms. For a more consistent swing you need to incorporate a one-piece takeaway into your routine.

This drill will help you achieve a greater flexibility in your shoulders and also help develop a one-piece takeaway. Grab a wedge, and place one hand on the butt end of the grip, and another on the wedge face. Setup in your normal address position and start swinging the club back and forth. Turn your shoulders to their maximum point, and hold the position for 10 seconds, then go to your maximum follow-through position and repeat. Repeat this five times; with practice you will begin to see a difference in your shoulder turn.

one piece takeaway flexibility drills tips golf guru

During this drill you will notice how your arms and shoulders are anchored. If your shoulders turn, your arms must follow; this is the feeling you want to have during each of your takeaway’s. This is how a proper one-piece takeaway feels. With practice incorporating this move into each swing should come quickly.

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