3 Ridiculously Easy Techniques for More Yards

Everyone wants to hit the long ball – and the truth is, everyone can; with the right technique of course. I’ve posted plenty of drills on the #1 distance creator – lag, but that’s not what this post is about today. This post is about three simple additions anyone can make to their golf swing to get more yards. These tips are very simple, and when done correctly will produce higher swing speeds and more distance.


trailing kneeTip #1 – Your trailing knee

Right before you initiate your backswing, give this little tip a shot. Knock your trailing knee inwards slightly before your start your backswing – keep this knee in place as you swing back to the top. You should feel some tension in your trailing side – this tension is extra torque you’re creating by using this simple move. One added benefit of this move, besides adding to your torque – is it stabilizes your right side, and reduces your lower body movement – two keys to consistency. A simple way to “feel” this position is to stick a ball underneath the arch of your right foot. This will knock your knee inward like we want.


Tip #2 – Extension

extension and distanceYou’ve likely been told that width is very important in creating power. If you don’t know, width is basically getting the club as far away from your body as possible during your swing to create leverage. The simplest way to ensure your creating width is to extend the club away from your body the first chance you get – on the backswing. At address, your arms are relaxed, as you initiate your backswing, one of the first moves should be the straightening of your lead arm – then your arms need to swing back as one piece (hence the phrase one-piece-takeaway). A simple drill to create extension and width is to sweep away a full box of balls as shown before you start a swing.


Tip #3 – Your Grip

grip pressure and positioningYour grip is one of the most important factors in creating distance. There are two specific grip mistakes that will kill your distance – both will drastically educe your wrists ability to flex and create lag. A weakly positioned grip (more on top of the club) will limit your ability to cock your wrists – that’s why you need to lean towards a more strongly positioned grip – where the V’s from the webbing between your thumb and index finger points towards your trailing shoulder. Finally, grip pressure is also very important for this exact same purpose – a very tight grip also reduces your wrists ability to rotate and cock during your swing. So in short, utilize a strongly positioned grip, but with light grip pressure to ensure your wrists can move and rotate properly to create the lag you need for more distance.

Give these simple tips a try the next time you’re on the range – I assure you, with practice you’ll be hitting the ball further.

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  1. Just bookmarked this as. Sometimes, you don’t need the next super-duper club for those extra yards. Simple tips like these can help just as well to improve your golf swing and reduce your scores.

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