Callaway & Nike Black vs TaylorMade White – UPDATED!

There are some very interesting new clubs coming out for 2011 golf season. There seems to be an interesting trend that we may be seeing coming about.  Both Callaway and Nike have actually launched “black” models of their drivers. Callaway went so far as to introduce a normal Octane and an Octane Black this year. Now, a black-headed golf club isn’t exactly news, but printing it as such, for some reason makes it a little more appealing. TaylorMade on the other hand, seems to be going down a different route.  Have a peak at some pics below – pretty cool looking clubs actually.

callaway diablo octane black

nike machspeed black str8-fit square

nike machspeed balck driver




Taylormade daytona putter 2011 white ghost driver r11TaylorMade is switching things up – they recently launched their new Daytona Ghost putter, a line that seems to be going strong.  There are also bunch of rumors floating around with TaylorMade and a new driver (they’re due), not too sure sure what there is to believe, but here’s what I’ve heard.  They plan to drop the “R” series, however they will be retaining the MVT (movable weight technology), this driver will be configurable to dramatically effect ball trajectory and spin, and it’s likely to be painted white – we may be on the brink of a TaylorMade Ghost Driver. You may recall a previous post about the R11 driver – these specs, and rumors seem to be holding up. Looking forward to seeing a few shots of this new driver in production!

UPDATE – A teaser photo surfaced on the web, now I’m not to sure what to believe, it may just be a photoshop job, it may be the real deal. Who knows.  Have a peak below:

r11 Taylormade


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