Cleveland Golf 2011 Drivers

All the credit for these pics goes to our fellow bloggers at and their friends at  Below you’ll have a sneak peak of the Cleveland Drivers scheduled for a 2011 release.  There are three new models – the SL290, TL310 and the XL270.  The numbers on each of these sticks represent the weight of each clubhead.  The clubs weigh 270g, 290g and 310g respectively. Check them out!


cleveland 2011 SL290

cleveand 2011 drivers TL310

Cleveland golf 2011 XL270


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  1. Well, lighter clubheads apparently mean more clubhead speed. Although, the mass of the clubhead also plays a role in power transfer, so who knows – maybe this is simply a marketing scheme, you’ll have to give it a swing to find out. 🙂

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