Kikkor Golf & The New Tenny

Kikkor Golf, if you don’t know, was recently founded by fellow Canadian (eh!) James Lepp.  His shoes are already treading down fairways up here, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.  The company recently launched their new Tenny line for 2011 – you may have also seen the retro line we posted on our Golf Buzz feed earlier this month.  These beauties retail for $119 US and can be purchased online at Check out some pics of the Tenny below:

Kikkor Golf Shoes Tenny


James is also featured on a bunch of pretty entertaining vids – showing off some of his “skills” on the course.  Check them out, and a little more details about the company below:



Who created Kkkor?

Kikkor was started by 25 year old professional golfer James Lepp. James grew up in Abbotsford, British Columbia where he started golfing at the ripe age of 4 years old. He enjoyed much success both as an amateur player and professional, but in 2008 his passion for golf was slowly replaced for his passion as an entrepreneur. With the help of some friends and business consultants, the brand was officially launched in April of 2010.

What is it?

Kikkor is an alternative golf footwear brand targeting the younger players at heart. The shoes are built with comfort and style first in mind, without ignoring the important technical attributes, such as grip, stability, waterproofing, and durability.

When was it established?

The brand concept was conceived late in 2008, and was officially launched April of 2010.

Where did it start?

The roots are grounded on the West Coast of Canada, near Vancouver, BC; however, right now Kikkor products are readily available all over North America, and will soon be worldwide.

Why was the company established?

A few reasons why Kikkor is here:

1. It doesn’t matter what age you are, 10, 25, or 45, nobody truly wants to wear the same stuff as their dad.

2. The golf shoe industry consistently designs shoes that are targeted only for the older demographic, leaving younger players with very few options that match their personal style.

3. Do we really have to wear dress shoes on the golf course?

4. The need for really comfortable golf shoes.


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