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Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by, we’ve got some odd and ends here from Scott Kramer to share today. Some interesting news from Nike and PowerBuilt Golf. Check it out!

Tour Edge introduced Exotics low-CG, multi-metal Trilogy fairway woods ($199 apiece) with a diamond-shaped inner rail that squares the clubface at impact. The sole’s two outer rails and one inner rail help turf interaction.

PING unveiled 14 different Scottsdale putters ($140-$180 depending on model) that boast a thermoplastic elastomer insert for soft, solid feel and crisp sound. Expanded perimeter weighting helps make roll truer.

Bridgestone debuted the two-piece FIX ball ($19.99/dozen) that replaces the TreoSoft in its line. This ball generates more spin around the greens and is 4% softer. A low-compression core yields a higher launch with less backspin and sidespin. Meanwhile, a new soft cover boosts spin control and feel around the greens.

Maruman Golf debuted the Majesty Vanquish VR line of clubs that includes a low-CG driver ($1,399) for golfers with a clubhead speed of 83-95 mph; fairway woods ($1,099 each) with thin-walled top and double tungsten weights; hybrids ($749 apiece); and irons ($4,299/set of 8).

Wilson Staff is introducing the Di11 iron with low-and-deep weight that promotes a higher ball flight and more stability; a wide sole to improve turf interaction, perimeter weighting; and wide-tip shafts.

Wilson di11 pics

Nike Golf inked multi-year endorsement deals with 20-year-old Matt Haines and 19-year-old Tommy Fleetwood.

Sunice was named the official waterproof rainwear licensee for the 2011 and 2013 U.S. Solheim Cup Teams.

Adams introduced two drivers: The Speedline 9064LS, which is already in play on Tour, and the Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite that weighs only 282 grams and helps generate ball speed for slower swingers.

PowerBuilt Golf signed famed instructor Jim McLean to an endorsement deal, in which he will play and promote the company’s Air Force One clubs.

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