Mizuno 2011 Line up Pics

Some recent pictures of Mizuno’s 2011 line-up have appeared on, which includes the new MP-53 and MP-63 irons.  Also you’ll find the MP-T11 wedges, including the options for finishing.  You may have noticed them on our Buzz feed, but I thought these would be great to post.  These clubs look pretty slick, check them out!

Mizuno MP-53 Iron Pics

Mizuno MP53 2011 Irons

Mizuno Mp53 iron pics 2011

Mizuno MP-53 2011 images

Mizuno MP-63 Irons

Mizuno mp63 irons 2011

Mizuno mp63 irons sets 2011

mizuno 2011 pics

mizuno mp 63 irons for 2011

mizuno mp63 2011

Mizuno MP-T11 Wedge Pics

mizuno mp-t11 wedges 2011

mizuno mp t11 2011

mizuno t11 wedges 2011

mizuno mp t11 wedges 2011

mizuno mp t11 wedges 2011

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