Stewart Cink's Twitter Golf Bag

Good evening everyone! I hope you all had a chance to catch a bit of the golf this morning. I was up early to watch as much as I could before work. Hopefully some of that fine Scottish weather blows in and makes it a bit more interesting. Stewart Cink is sporting a pretty unique golf bag this week and fans from around the world played a part in decorating it.

As you may or may not know, Stewart Cink was one of the PGA Tour’s early Twitter adopters. Cink has been able to interact with his fans and share pictures via Twitter. He even tweeted some cool pictures after his Open Championship win last year.

Nike Golf came up with an interesting way for Cink to carry some of his Twitter well wishes to St. Andrews. They encouraged fans to Tweet shouts of support for Cink. They then selected a bunch of these Tweets and added them to his golf bag. Pretty cool idea.

Here are a few shots of the golf bag. You can see more on the Nike Golf Facebook page.

Cink Twitter Golf Bag

Cink Twitter Golf Bag

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