Vokey Introduces Wedgeworks Exclusives

Vokey WedgesOne of the perks of being a Tour player is having all of your equipment custom built. The average Joe Golfer can sometimes experience some of this special treatment but it’s rare to get the full meal deal. Until now. Bob Vokey is introducing a new custom wedge program that will bring the tour van experience a lot closer to home.

Here’s what the Vokey team has to say on their website

“Beginning in July 2010, WedgeWorks will introduce our Exclusive line of wedges, featuring the TVD grind sole. Every WedgeWorks Exclusive will be completely customizable — from toe engraving, personalized stamping, paintfill, grips, shafts and shaftbands. Strong or weak, upright or flat, short or long — we can do it. To top it off, two distinctive new finishes were created specifically for WedgeWorks: Bright Brushed Chrome and Oil Can Z”

I’d say that’s pretty cool. Have a look through the downloadable brochure and check out some of the paint fill and engraving options.

If you could customize a Vokey what would it look like?


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  1. OMG, that’s so cool, I’d get the blue saw with some freestyle blue vokey letters.

    When are these available? Any ideas on costs?

  2. Hey Dave, it looks like the release date is July 15th for these… and not sure on the costs, but the old WedgeWorks had them priced at $275 a piece.

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