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If you pay full-rate for a tee-time nowadays, you’re an idiot. The introduction of a variety of tee-time based websites has made finding a game easier and cheaper than ever before. No longer will you be making endless calls on Friday evening, looking for somewhere to play Saturday morning… it’s just a few clicks away.

There’s likely a website for your area, just google it to find out. Today I want to talk today about two of the best online tee-time booking websites… Golf Now and Golf Hub.

Golf Now online Golf Tee Time Booking

Golf Now is a great site, with a variety of features that really makes it one of the best online booking systems around. It allows you a variety of search options, so you can see tee-times in specific areas, times, and at special low rates.

Locale – mostly in the USA, with some courses in Ontario, Canada.

Course Quality – You won’t find every golf course on Golf Now, but of the ones you do, most are decent tracks. You can also find quite a few top 500 courses and PGA tour stops on this site. You’ll have to do some searching to find the best deals.

Deals – depending on what time of day you’re looking for, you can find discounts of anywhere up to 90% off.

Prices – you’ll see a variety of rates, depending on the course – you can even find golf as cheap as $5 for twilight.

Rewards – Every tee-time you buy earns you points towards free golf, and for many courses, if you’re a loyal customer, they’ll offer you some exclusive discounts, and free golf.

Payment – I’ve had no issues paying online with credit cards, and they offer other payment options if need be.

Others – A downside – even though you can change this in the settings, you get lots of e-mails.  GolfNow Tee Times Great Deals

Also, keep a close eye on their use of icons – there can be many potential reasons your tee times are cheap – aeration, top dressing, 9-holes only. Vice versa, if a tee-time seems expensive, it may come with extra perks like, free drinks, cart, rental clubs, casino credits etc. So keep a close eye on those.

Just a Taste of the discounts:

TPC Scottsdale, AZ for $29.00

PGA West Greg Norman or Nicklaus, CA courses from $44

Royal Links, NV from $55 – over 66% off golf online tee times

Golf Hub is also a great booking tool, if you can’t find it on, definitely give GolfHub a shot. With a wider variety of courses including more in Canada, and even across Europe, and a great community of forums and feedback – you’ll be able to play new courses, and already have buddies to join you no matter where you play.


Locales – Has the USA covered, includes British Columbia, PEI and Ontario for Canada, 6 countries in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean, you have plenty of golf to choose from.

Course Quality – A great selection of golf courses, many of which golfnow does not have and plenty of higher-end tracks too.

Deals & Prices – very comparable to Golf Now, you can find tee-time as low as $5-10 in some places. Discounts as low as 85% off.

Payment – you can sign-up or sign-in as a guest and pay with a credit card for your tee-times.

Rewards – Just like GolfNow – the more you pay the more points you earn towards free golf. If you’re playing anyway, you might as well earn points while you do it.

Others – Downside -I don’t find the layout of GolfHub as user friendly as GolfNow, but other than that – both are great quality.

The forums and course reviews really add to the whole course experience in GolfHub. Be sure to click the “Show Details” on each of your tee-times for all the details. Also, coming soon with GolfHub, is the ability to book golf lessons, and learn about local golf tournaments and events you can enter

A little taste of the deals:

Westin Mission Hills, CA for $65.

Half Moon Bay for $74, CA – over 50% off.

Doral GC, FL from $40. TPC Blue Monster at Doral from $85 (regular $210+)

The next time you’re in the market for a tee-time, definitely give these resources a try.


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  1. I wonder which site generates more users? I’d assume since it comes up first in google’s organic and paid searches when I search online tee times.

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  3. I booked a tee time with (also I immediately realized that I’d booked it for the wrong day and sent an email in response to the email verification that I’d received asking them to move it to the next day and off I went to look for a number (no number of course, however DOES have a customer service number).
    Finally I realized I could cancel the tee time, so I did. I received an email alerting me that my tee time was cancelled AND that I’d still be charged $158. So now I’ll have to get my credit card to fight this for me. Even if it’s non refundable, they can’t take my money AND cancel my tee time, just to turn around and book it for someone else.
    Long story short, is terrible. I’ll alert as many people to this as possible and I hope you won’t use them either.

  4. Hey Eric, thanks for sharing, this is the first I’ve heard of golfhub doing this (although I’ve never personally had to cancel a tee-time with them) so that’s good to know.

  5. DON’T USE GOLFHUB!! Total ripoff. They only let you use a small portion of gift vouchers and charge a lot more for tee times. I got a tee time that golfhub charged $61.50 for for $39.

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