Fourteen Golf Launches ST-110 Driver

Fourteen Golf ST110 Driver Pic

Fourteen Golf, a company better known for their high-end wedge designs has launched their brand new ST 110 Driver. This high-performance club features a four-piece titanium head that guarantees you extra yards off the tee.

The crown of this clubface is made with two different types of titanium, the company says this addition makes the crown incredibly lightweight, allowing for additional weight to be placed back in the sole of the club for added MOI and a higher launch angle.

To create even higher MOI, this club feature variable thickness on the clubface – the sweetspot carries the thickest part of the clubface, and this gradually decreases as you move towards the heel and the toe of the face. The company says this design promotes consistency in the sound at impact – and in case you didn’t know, the “sound” a club makes at impact largely contributes to our perception of how a club”feels”.

It looks as though this baby has a MSRP of over $800. Still, it’s worth a swing or two.

For a complete list of details visit the retailer’s site here: Fourteen Golf ST-110 Driver


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  1. Looks nice. Saw some Fourteen stuff while I was in Japan and it was all top quality. Downside, it’s expensive and it looks like the powerbow met a high end launcher.

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