Wilson Ci9 & Callaway X-24 Irons Coming Soon!

There are two new sets of irons hitting stores in the next coming weeks worth a swing or two. Wilson golf has released their 3rd version of their award winning Ci irons (stands for “control iron”), with some new modifications and Callaway has launched their next generation of X irons with the new X-24 Hot Irons.


Wilson C9 IronsWilson Ci9 Irons

This club has been completely redesigned, and Wilson claims this is there “best performing irons ever”. Some changes from the older models:

• New thinner topline – this feature was a common request from the professionals.

• New exoskeleton – hidden within the club is a newly designed inner skeleton that has displaced more weight into the heel and toe of the club, increasing MOI (moment of inertia). This should help straighten out off-center hits.

• Soft Response Insert – located on the back of the club, the company claims this insert improves the feel of all shots, including off-center hits.

• Conforming grooves – with the recent change in groove regulations, Wilson designed a modified U-shape groove that pushes the limits enabled by the USGA.

Price: $799.00 for steel, $899.00 for graphite.

Visit the website for more details on the Wilson Ci9 Irons.

Callaway X-24 IronCallaway X-24 Hot Irons

Callaway has found a way to make the #1 iron models in Golf for the past 13 years even better. Callaway says these changes, “have created a longer, more accurate set (of irons) than any of their predecessors.”

Some features:

• PVD Stealth Finish – Looking much like the gun metal finish that Vokey and Cleveland used a few years back, Callaway has added a new glare resistant, darker finish.

• VFT Face Technology – this “hot” clubface with a large sweet spot is said to maximize ball speed on all shots.

• Perimeter Weighting – Callaway has added some weight in the perimeter of this new design to maximize MOI on off-center hits.

Price: $699.00 for steel, $899 for graphite.

Visit the website for more details on Callaway X-24 Hot Irons.

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