How to Properly Videotape Your Golf Swing

There are countless videos and movies on Youtube of amateur golfers looking for some advice on their golf swing. Many are quick to provide their advice, but without a properly recorded swing, the camera can play tricks on the eye. Much like when you’re watching golf on TV and Tiger Woods looks as though he shanked one, because the ball jumps quickly off to the right of the screen – the same happens for amateur video.

How To Video Your SwingOn our sister site, we have many amateur golf swings for anyone to view, rate and comment on. Feel free to upload your swing, using the technique described below for me to review it personally.

When trying to record a video or your golf swing, follow these two simple steps:

1) Setup the camera either directly down or perpendicular to your target line

2) Setup the camera at hand height, and be far enough away from your target to capture the top.

So often an amateur video of their golf swing is set from an odd angle – most commonly from a diagonal perspective. How often do you see a golf instructor viewing your swing from an odd angle? We look for specific things from specific angles. From down the line, we check your clubs swing path, position at the top, lag, and downswing angle, to list a few. A video taken from an angle off perpendicular from down line can make a swing look too far inside or outside – this can lead to incorrect analysis’ from fellow commenter’s.

This also applies to video taken from a front on position – hand height and directly perpendicular to your target line is key. From this position, we get a better idea of your weight shift, balance, position at the top, lag creation and wrist rotation.

Last but not least, zooming in on your grip for a split second will also allow us to review your most important fundamental. As your grip is your only contact to the club – it can have a profound influence on your swing. Often in video, viewing the grip is very difficult – help us out by giving us a snapshot at address before you swing.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all uploading your swings soon!


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