Y Chipping Drill

The most common fault I see with amateurs and their chipping is that they try to scoop the ball at impact. The main problem with scooping is that it causes inconsistency. To scoop at chip shot, you have to add a lot extra wrist movements, this is asking for trouble. A good mental image you should envision when chipping is to create ‘Y’ at address and keep it throughout your stroke.


Y Chipping Drill

To do this you need to have your hands ahead of the ball at address, with the ball back in your stance. When viewed front on, your lead arm should be directly in line with your club shaft. Focus on maintaining this position throughout your chipping stroke. The only way to do this is to eliminate your wrists movement. Much like putting, chipping is a shoulders-only motion.

Remember this the next time you’re out practicing and incorporate it into your golf game.

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