Ping G15 Iron Review

The technology of the G15 Iron provides the high-launching, maximum forgiveness attributes that bring consistency to your iron play. The stainless steel iron’s cavity design features a new Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which expands the perimeter weighting and increases the moment of inertia.

The Word From The Golf Shop…

“The G15 irons are a continuation in the Ping line of maximum forgiveness irons. The G15’s replace last years G10 irons, and they’re very similar to the previous G’s. The top line is still heavier, they still have a substantial offset, and they are still weighted for maximum forgiveness. Players looking for a forgiving iron would do well to consider the G15’s. Like other Ping irons, they’re cast and have a harsher feel when contacting the ball. However, players looking to the G series likely shouldn’t be to concerned with the feel as much as they should be with the forgiveness aspects. The G-15’s do exactly what they’ve been designed to do, produce good results from miss hit shots. They’re extremely stable when miss hit, and still help get the ball airborne because of the lower center of gravity that results from the wider sole. All in all, an excellent iron for the target group.”

Rating From The Shop – 83%

What We Say…

If you’re looking for forgiveness, you’ve come to the right place.

Performance – High and forgiving. Those are the two words that best describe what you get when you put the Ping G15 irons in play. The irons are designed with the higher handicapper in mind. They feature a thick sole, extreme perimeter weighting, a thin face and a good amount of offset. The low center of gravity really helps get the ball in the air… and will often help with distance. You have to hit the ball high to hit it far. The extreme perimeter weighting helps with performance on miss hits. Overall… a very strong category for the G15 irons. They’re one of the most forgiving irons on the market.

Feel and Sound – Great feel is not typically something you associate with a super game improvement iron but these actually don’t feel too bad. Every iron will sound and feel great when struck properly but few are able to offer that same sound and feel across the majority of the face. Is it the custom tuning port? The extreme perimeter weighting? A combination of both? Who knows. All we know is that it works. Are they as soft as a forged iron? Far from it… but they stack up nicely when compared to similar irons.

Value – The G15 irons are a great iron for the money. Ping has always tried to keep the pricing of their “G” lines competitive and these fall right in line with other super game improvement irons.

Looks – The good news – these aren’t the ugliest super game improvement irons on the market. The bad news – they’re not the best looking either. The first thing you’ll notice when you see these irons is the massive sole. You can’t miss it. It’s very hard to make an iron this forgiving without adding bulk to the sole and the perimeter. The large sole has some performance drawbacks (we’ll talk about that later) but many see it as simply an aesthetic problem. Clean, thin lines are usually sacrificed for extreme forgiveness and it’s obvious in this iron. The rest of the iron looks very Ping-like. The G15’s feature Ping’s custom tuning port, heel notch and brushed finish. If you need extreme forgiveness… get over the looks thing.

Innovation – I would have loved to be in the Ping R&D meeting when the team was asked to make an already forgiving G10 even more forgiving. Talk about a tough task. Somehow Ping was able to pull it off. These irons are really easy to hit and the company should be commended for taking a good iron and making it even better. Ping products will always do well in this category because the company’s custom fitting program is second to none. Stock shafts are decent and most players shouldn’t have any problem finding a shaft that works for them.

Overall – It’s early in 2010 but I think these could get our vote for the best super game improvement irons on the market. These irons make the most out of miss hits and will make a lot of friends with higher handicappers.

There will be some that will pass over these irons because of their looks. The club features a large sole, thick top line and extreme perimeter weighting. If players can get over the “bulk” factor, they’re in for a real treat.

There were some players that felt the thicker sole made the shorter irons more difficult to use off tight lies and sand. This is a very valid point… and more the reason to take these to the course and demo them. It’s important to note your typical playing conditions when searching for irons. You’ll also want to try these on a launch monitor. They’re designed to hit the ball high and you want to make sure your launch angle is optimized.

Looking for a forgiving iron that hits the ball high? Make sure these are on your list.

Overall Editor Rating – 85%

Overall Combined Rating – 84%

Our review is only part of the equation. Have some experience with the Ping G15? Leave your review below!

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