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Scotty Cameron’s New 2011 Face Design

Scotty Cameron recently applied for a new patent, and by the looks of it, Scotty looked to the 70’s for inspiration on this one, I love this face design, check out the picture. Is this a Scotty Cameron design for 2011? Only time will tell.

scotty camerons new face design patent

Tiger Woods is back for the Masters

If case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, Tiger has announced his first professional event after his indefinite break will come at the 2010 Masters Championship – the Masters is the perfect event for him to return to, and not likely for the reasons you may think.

How much are your clubs worth?

Now there’s a website designed to tell you exactly that. They currently have equated a value for over 5,500 club models from 55 manufacturers. Check it out!

Tiger Text

Tiger’s texting issues have spawned a new product on the cell phone market. Although, the company says it has nothing to do with Tiger… I somehow think otherwise. Introducing, Tiger Text, a texting program that can send messages that are automatically deleted within a set period of time from your phone, your recipients phone (after read of course)… and even the companies servers.  Just a little late for Tiger's purposes… shame.

Tiger Woods on South Park?

Tiger's been quite the punching bag as of late for comedy writers… looks like the writers of South Park have taken notice. Tiger will be “featured” in the season’s opener, but you can check out a sneak peak at this link: Tiger Woods South Park Episode Update: Just found a youtube video of the episode.

$100 off FT-9’s

Callaway is offering you $100 rebate if you buy a FT-9 or FT-9 Tour Driver, but only for drivers bought in participating US retailers.

Pro V1 Trial – What's at stake?

Just how much and what is at risk for Titleist after Callaway filed a claim of copyright infringement on the Pro V1? Find out… This trial is the largest in golf’s history, things may get interesting between these two powerhouses in the golfing world.

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