Cleveland Launcher 460 Driver Review

We get a lot of email concerning the Cleveland Launcher 460 so it’s about time we reviewed it. Cleveland made their name in wedges but they are slowly making some waves in other areas.


The Launcher 460 has quickly become one of the most popular Cleveland products of all time. It will be hard to top the Launcher 460 and Cleveland will have to make something pretty special in years to come!


The Launcher 460 doesn’t have weight ports or a composite crown. It features fairly common technologies but Cleveland has found ways to refine them and package them all up in an attractive way. The Launcher 460 is the newest and biggest in the Cleveland Launcher series. At 460CC’s, it pushes the legal limit and Cleveland claims that it’s large size helps with forgiveness and miss hits. I can understand the forgiveness part… a larger club head provides more room for error. Cleveland’s robot testing also showed that bigger club heads remain more stable on miss hits on the toe. Stable is good! Cleveland also uses precision welding to remove unwanted weight on the face weld. The more weight you can save on a weld, the more weight you can move elsewhere in the club. The face on the Launcher 460 is hot too… and it’s hot in more places than most. It’s the perfect mix of forgiveness and performance. The stock shaft options are great… the Fujikura Launcher shaft (the gold one) is probably the weakest of the shafts available. The Cleveland website lists the Grafalloy ProLaunch, Grafalloy Blue and Aldila NV as custom shaft options but I have never had to pay an upcharge for them. Check with your local shop and see what they can do.


The Launcher 460 was one of the most popular drivers we tested. People love this club. We got the odd “it’s too big” comment but it won’t be long until all drivers are 460CC… get used to it! Better players loved the performance and the different custom shafts available. Higher handicappers loved the high launch angle and extreme forgiveness. It’s a great club for everyone… you’re only hurting yourself if you don’t try it!


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap – Anyone


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Lofts – 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 degree


Shafts Available – Fujikura Launcher, Grafalloy ProLaunch, Grafalloy Blue, Aldila NV graphite 

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