Mitsubishi Rayon Launches Fubuki Alpha, Diamana Kai'li & 'ilima and Bassara Griffin Shafts

Mitsubushi Rayon Shafts or MRC Golf has launched four new high-end shafts for 2010. These were showcased at the recent 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in late January. With an already solid track record on tour, these shafts are destined to be very popular among amateurs as well – let’s hope the price tag doesn’t scare them off. Introducing the Fubuki Alpha, Diamana Kai’li & ‘ilima and the Bassara Griffin – check out their details below:

Fubuki Alpha

This newest addition to the Fubuki Series has an enhanced version of the original MD Tip Technology that was so popular on tour in 2009. This new model also takes this technology to a new level by applying it to the entire length of the shaft giving it increased “torsional stability not offered on the original”.

mitsubishi mrc golf fubuki alpha shaft 2010

Here’s what they have to say about them…

MD Technology

“For the Fubuki Alpha series , Mitsubishi has refined the original MD Technology that creates a ‘hinge-like’ effect, in order to deliver a combination of high launch and low spin in a traditional tip-stiff Tour-proven bend profile. To improve upon the original application, Mitsubishi identified and selected custom fibers by shaft ‘flex’ (Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff), to optimize performance for each player. For shaft flexes typically used by players with higher swing speeds, Mitsubishi combined higher modulus carbon fibers to prevent too high of a launch. And for shaft flexes typically used by players with slower swing speeds, Mitsubishi used standard modulus carbon fibers to prevent too low a spin number — while optimizing flight, trajectory and angle of descent. This refinement has been applied by flex in the same way for all weights (50g, 60g, 70g)."

Bend Profile

“Fubuki Alpha incorporates a bend profile design, using Mitsubishi Rayon’s proprietary swing analysis software developed by utilizing data gathered from more than 20 years of manufacturing and designing high-performance carbon fiber golf shafts. This state-of-the-art profile incorporates an extreme shift in the mid-section, in addition to a butt section that has tapering butt stiffness. This combination provides even the most demanding player a shaft profile that generates smooth acceleration through impact and maximum stability and control."


Fubuki Alpha has a SRP (suggested retail price) of $400 US.

Weights & Flexes

Alpha 50R, 50S, 50X

Alpha 60R, 60S, 60X

Alpha 70S, 70X


Diamana Kai’li & ‘ilima


The Diamana Kai’li and ‘ilima were launched to tour players as prototypes back in 2009. Their popularity has grown quickly, and professionals from all major tours are now enjoying these shafts. Recently, Diamana Kai’li earned its first win on the European Tour.

mitsubishi golf diamana kaili ilima 2010 shaft

Here’s what they say about them…

Diamana Kai'li

“The Diamana Kai'li incorporates MDI Technology into the original Diamana Blue Board smooth bend profile with a slightly stiffer tip and butt section design. The result is a lower torque shaft that provides the same versatility as the original profile, while delivering more stability and control, with slightly lower launch and spin.”

Diamana 'ilima

“Diamana ‘ilima incorporates MDI Technology into a new bend profile for the Diamana Series. It features an active, low-torque tip section, with a stiff mid-section and moderate butt section. The result is a shaft that dynamically promotes energy transfer throughout the swing, while delivering a penetrating ball flight with low spin.”


Both the Diamana Kai'li and ‘ilima have SRP of $400 US.

Weights & Flexes

Diamana Kai'li

Kai'li 60R, 60S, 60X

Kai'li 70S, 70X

Kai'li 80S, 80X

Diamana 'ilima

'ilima 60R, 60S, 60X

'ilima 70S, 70X

'ilima 80S, 80X


Bassara Griffin

Here’s what they say about them…

misubishi golf bassara griffin 2010 shafts

The Bassara UL Griffin series incorporates elastic titanium fibers that reinforce the tip section of this next generation ultra-light shaft. This proprietary titanium fiber — combined with the unique Griffin bend profile — helps deliver a more consistent, repeatable dynamic loft at impact than traditional lightweight shafts. Compared with more traditional bend profiles, the Griffin's also features an extreme change in stiffness throughout the mid-section that allows for a more efficient transfer of power than traditional ultra-light shafts and thus delivers the signature high-launch, low-spin trajectory.”

Elastic Titanium Fiber

“The elastic titanium fiber reinforced materials used in the Griffin series help reduce deformation during shaft loading. This characteristic helps a player transfer power during the loading and unloading of a shaft efficiently and without sacrificing ball speed or stability.”


Bassara Griffin has SRP of $350 US.

Weights & Flexes

Griffin 43L, 43R

Griffin 53R, 53S, 53TS


All three shafts were official launched at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show last week, and will be available through MRC Golf retailers and dealers across the US for the 2010 golf season.

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