Cleveland Adds HB3 Hybrid and CG1 Tour Irons

Cleveland/Srixon have released a few new products over the past week. Tonight we'll have a look at the Cleveland HB3 hybrid irons, Cleveland CG1 Tour irons and the new Srixon Z-Star ball line.  

Cleveland HB3 The HB3 irons are the third generation of the company's HiBore irons. Cleveland says these are "lighter, faster and longer" than any other Cleveland hybrid iron. The full hybrid set looks a lot like previous models and come stock with Action Ultralite graphite shafts (they will be available in steel too). Watch for these on April 1st. 

 I must admit… the CG1 Tour irons intrigue me. I've played Cleveland TA3 irons for 10 almost 10 years and every year I try to convince myself that I need a change. These ones might be the ones… just don't tell Mrs. ShanksAlot. 

Cleveland CG1 TourThe CG1 Tour irons are a  combination of split cavity long irons and muscle back mid/short irons. The faces are "Laser Milled" (this process makes the surface rough) and the irons feature Tour Zip Grooves. The combination of the Laser Milled face and Tour Zip Grooves maximizes spin while staying within the rules of golf. Like the HB3 irons, these will also ship April 1. 

Also from Srixon/Cleveland Golf… the company has introduced the new Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star X Tour Yellow golf balls. The Z-Star Tour Yellow is designed for low to mid handicappers looking for a combination of distance, spin and feel. The Z-Star X Tour Yellow is designed for golfers that value distance. Both balls are being played on the various tours right now and will be available April 1.

That's all for now. Talk to you soon!! 

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