Rumor: Fujikura's Launching 3 New Shafts for 2010

Fujikura new shafts 2010 Motore F3 

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by! I've come across a recent rumor thats tough to find some background information on… but from all accounts it seems quite true.  Fujikura will be launching three new shafts for 2010 to the public.  The Motore Speeder, which will dive into shortly, the Motore F3 and the Fit-On Max Series.


 The Motore Speeder has already seen it's time in the spotlight after Ian Poulter won with it at the Barclay's Singapore Open in 2009. See what the company says about the shaft below:

"The 2010 Motore Speeder is supercharged with our Quadra Axis Composite and Triax Woven material creating our 7 Axis Technology. This uniformity throughout the shaft assists with eliminating deformation yet providing the maximum amount of feel through the entire swing increasing overall performance and stability."

As for the other two, information is scarce, Fujikura's site doesn't talk about them yet, what we found can be found at this link – Motore F3 & Fit-On Max Series.

Talk to you soon!

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