Triangle Chipping Drill

Over 60% of the shots you make on the golf course are from 100 yards and in. Improving your short game is the best way to lower your scores. Consistency is the key to a solid short game. Having a repeatable, reliable chipping stroke will help you learn how to gauge distances better, judge the spin and also help you choose the proper club for the situation.


Take a look at the picture at right, you’ll notice the position of my hands are identical from address to finish. My motion is a simple rocking of my shoulders and nothing else. When you setup try to make the triangle as shown with your shoulders and arms. Maintain this triangle throughout your stroke. You are now set. Depending on the amount of green you have to work with, your club choice may change – considering using anything from a lob wedge to a five iron when chipping, but the important thing to remember is the stroke remains the same.

With this stroke and proper chipping fundamentals, you can forget about skulling, chunking and shanking your chips entirely. With this simple motion, it’s almost impossible to screw up.

Give it a try!

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