Daly, Tiger, Callaway FT-Mach 11, Drivehard & More

drivehard alzheimers campaign

We've taken another quick trip around the golfing world – take a look at these stories making some news…

  • Will these product names reach the shelves of golf stores in 2010? Callaway FT-Mach 11, or what about the Callaway RAZRHAWK. Taylor Made patented PERFICA – check out the full list of possible golf clubs of the future.
  • John Daly is ramping up for a new season, but he’s got to tighten his belt… literally. Fresh off of gastric band surgery and over 100 pounds lighter – Daly will still be fighting stay afloat this year… He’s putting a lot of pressure on himself to get his card. All the best John.
  • Golfers will be invading your weekday evenings – and I’m not talking about Golf Channel re-runs. Rocco Mediate, Natalie Gulbis and Duffy Waldorf will all be playing themselves in an upcoming CSI episode. Natalie has spent her time in the spotlight already – appearing recently on Celebrity Apprentice.

  • Karsten Ping just patented a new putter – it’s… unique to say the least. Odyssey’s two ball was once considered weird – who knows what the future will hold with this beauty. Looks like Ping is trying to get to the bottom of the cup in a whole new way
  • A local Canadian is engaging the golf community and general public for the DRIVEHARD Campaign to raise much needed and awareness for the fight against Alzheimer’s. To do so, they are selling and distributing DRIVEHARD wristbands (picture attached) – they look pretty cool. More than 500,000 Canadians and over 2 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's or a similar form of dementia. These numbers continue to grow, and by buying a bracelet, you can be apart of the fight to find a cure.
  • Tiger Woods has been quite silent as of late – but apparently he will be donating $3 million dollars for the relief effort in Haiti. Some more Tiger news, his good friend, Roger Federer made a statement suggesting Tiger will be making a comeback “as the wonderful golfer we know”. Roger is standing by Tiger… we hope to see you back soon Mr. Woods.
  • John Daly and Dean Wilson all found a loop-hole with the new groove regulations. They dug into their garage and found some mint 1980’s Ping square groove wedges. A lawsuit was filed by Ping against the USGA about square grooves and was later settled in 1990. This lawsuit takes precedence over the current Rules, making these clubs legal, despite having square grooves.

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