Whack a Woods, iPhone Golf Shot & More

iphone golf shot gps finder

Although we’d like to stay away from the whole Tiger fiasco – this game called “Whack a Woods” is pretty funny for some mindless entertainment. Our top score is 9900. What about you?

A new golf putter grip patent is out, for those of you with often switch up your grip to avoid the yips. This grip / training aid appears to reinforce the feel of The Claw grip, quite cool, not sure it would help, what do you think?

Xerox has invented quite the green invention: reusable paper. How does it work? The paper has light sensitive chemicals that change color in UV light – it last about 16 hours before going blank, or send it through their new printer, and it goes blank immediately, Cool! Sounds like a perfect invention for scorecards.

GPS golf range finders has come to the iPhone and for the price… their something else. Golf Shot has something special – it's already getting popular, and you can't beat the price – only $29 one time. Sky Caddie has some fierce competition coming their way. names the top 100 players to watch in 2010.

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