Cart Lag Creator Drill – 20 Extra Yards Now!

cart lag drill

The key to gaining distance and to begin creating a more effortless, repeatable swing is to understand and incorporating lag into your golf swing. Creating lag, which is done by retaining your wrist release on the downswing is what separates high and low handicappers. On the downswing, when your arms reach 9:00, the club should be pointing to the sky – when looking front on your lead arm and club should make an “L”. Casting, the opposite of creating lag, is the number one reason why players lack distance. In the same position described above, you’d see more of a “lag icon”.


So now what’s the best way to delay your wrist release on the downswing? Practice! First of all, you need to loosen up on the downswing, most people tend to tighten up, your wrists must be able to move and rotate during the swing. Second, practicing drills like this one will help you understand how the movement is supposed to feel. Set up with a cart as shown in this picture and video. When you perform your backswing, the cart should make slight contact with your club. On the downswing, if you perform the incorrect move (casting) you should make contact with the cart. If you retain your wrist release even slightly, you will swing through to finish missing the cart entirely.

I found that nicking the cart on the backswing disrupted my swing a fair bit. If this happens to you as well, try this modification. Instead of starting your swing as usual, cock your wrists up first from your address position – the club should be pointed at the sky right in front of your chest. Next, fully turn your shoulders – this should bring you into your normal “at the top” position. Swing down normally, and remember to retain your wrist cock.

Give it a try!

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