Adams 430Q Driver Review

By now most of us are familiar with composite crown drivers and what they are supposed to do. We have all heard the buzz around new clubs with interchangeable weight systems. Well, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to put them both together. Welcome the new Adams 430Q driver.

If you have seen the Taylor Made R7 driver and understand how the weights work then you understand the 430Q. Like the R7, the Q comes with four removable weights. There are two 2-gram and two 12-gram weights that can be moved around for a total of six different ball flight conditions. This allows a golfer to fine tune the weights to work best with their swing or golf course. Borrowing on another familiar technology is the composite crown. The idea with this of course being that it gives Adams more discretionary weight to position ideally inside the head for better flight characteristics. Shafts available at no upcharge include Aldila NV and NVS and Grafalloy Blue ProLaunch so there are shafts to match any type of player.

I have found one of the biggest problems with Adams is their marketing approach. They make good golf clubs but most customers I have automatically dismiss them as being clubs for seniors or hacks. The problem is the same with this driver, getting it into customers hands. Most of the people I have talked to that have hit this driver really enjoy it and I have had some people say they prefer it to the Taylor Made R7. In fact the slightly larger head size and composite crown do make the 430Q a very forgiving driver. The 430Q is definitely not as long as some of the drivers out there and it isn’t as flashy to look at but it gets the job done and comes in at a great price.

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