Nike Victory Red Driver

ImageGood evening everyone! Nike has introduced their new Victory Red driver and it's set to hit stores in February. If you happened to catch any of the World Cup of Golf on the weekend, you've already seen what the Victory Red driver can do. Francesco Molinari used the club in his victory.

The Victory Red is Nike's newest entry into what they call the "premium driver" category. The company collaborated with their Tour players during the design phase and created a driver design “for avid golfers who are refining and optimizing their game". The club will be available in both two models…. the STR8-FIT Tour and the VR Tour. The STR8-FIT version will allow golfers to customize their club using the company's STR8-FIT technology. The VR Tour will have a slightly smaller head and no adjustability. Both versions feature Compression Channel technology, designed to help create uniform ball speeds across the face.

Watch for both versions in stores on February 1, 2010. I've added additional pictures on our Facebook page if you're interested. That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. 😮 1st time i hit this it was a friend’s. Project X 6.5 shaft VR Tour. All I could do is drool for 2 days before i ordered the exact same one for myself. This thing is stupid long. Gives you the feeling that you can swing verrry slow and it just will go on forever. Hit my first 5 shots dead straight or with slight draw. Gained about 20-25 more yards than my Ping. Slightly open face looks dead sexy at address and the entire face seems “sweet” . I definitely recommend this for mid to low handicappers.

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