Callaway Solaire, TaylorMade TP xFT Wedge

Good evening everyone! It's pretty slow in the world of golf equipment but I've managed to pull a few odds together for your enjoyment. Tonight we'll look at Callaway's new Solaire line for women and Taylormade's new wedge with Exchangeable Face Technology. 

 ImageFirst up… a new women's line from Callaway Golf. The new Solaire club sets will be available in both 14 piece and 9 piece configurations. As Callaway puts it…

"Solaire provides women with everything they need to play in style and take their game to the next level. The preconfigured Solaire sets feature an Energy Efficient Design that optimizes every element of the golf club to maximize performance. New lightweight clubheads featuring draw configurations and higher lofts, as well as lighter grips and shafts, allow women to efficiently swing the club with power and generate increased distance throughout the set."


The company is also introducing a matching Solaire golf ball. The ball features a soft, low compression core and HEX Aerodynamics. Looking for a Christmas gift for that special lady in your life? These would probably score you some brownie points! Watch for the Solaire equipment in December. 

ImageWe've talked a bit about TaylorMade's new wedge with the exchangeable face and now it's finally here. The company has officially introduced their TP xFT wedge. The basic idea behind the club is that it allows the golfer to remove a worn face and replace it with a new one. A worn face can have a negative impact on spin and control so the ability to always have a "fresh" wedge is very beneficial. TaylorMade notes that some of their Tour players replace their worn wedges every month. This kind of timeline is a bit extreme for the average player but having this exchangeable face technology available will definitely help a lot of players. Golfers will need a R9 torque wrench to change the faces… with the faces retailing at about $40 a piece. I guess it's cheaper than buying a new wedge.

Release date for the TaylorMade TP xFT wedges will be mid February. The club will be available in 9 models.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for stopping by!

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