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Hey guys, today we’ll take a look at a new swing on – there’s already plenty of users who have uploaded their golf swings for rating and review. Feel free to provide him with some feedback by commenting below or on

Here’s what Stevenson had to say about his own swing:

”This swing produced a pull. It may be the shaft though – see attached thumbnail. I do have a tendency to "over the top" which is a constant battle.”

From my perspective, I saw a couple things he may consider trying – my comments and a video of his swing are below:

What do you think?

“Hey Stevenson,

Thanks for uploading and properly categorizing your swing, that helps out a lot. You look like a solid player. I have some feedback that would likely help you out.

You say you suffer from a pull; unfortunately this video is not taking from the down the line angle, so it’s tough to see… but nevertheless, it appears to me that you're standing quite close to the ball – especially for a long iron. When you stand too close to the ball, coming-over-the-top becomes a lot easier – I often do it myself.

In poorer players this fault would attribute to a lack of distance – but in our case, it usually results in a simple pull. I'd suggest standing a little further from the ball – this should make your swing a little more rounded than upright and should help encourage an on plane downswing. It should also give you a little more room for error on the downswing.

Lastly, do you often hook the ball? Let me know. It looks to me that your left hand is quite strong on the club – this position can attribute to inconsistencies at impact and can result in many hooks caused by over-active wrists. On the range you may want to try rotating this hand to the left a little bit – moving into a more neutral position.

I hope that helps… and let me know how things go!

The Golf Drill Guru”

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