Stroke Saving Chipping Drill

save strokes chipping drill

Poor chippers setup with their weight on their back foot and make a flippy, wristy stroke at the ball. Good chippers on the other hand, know that solid contact is of the utmost importance when it comes to chipping. This drill really helps with contact.

The next time you’re out practicing your chipping – setup with your body weight resting on your front foot and your back foot resting on its toes (as shown in the picture). You will likely need to move your trailing foot back from the ball (effectively closing your stance) to ensure you can complete the stroke.

By doing this, you’ll ensure your chest is ahead of the ball – this encourages a downward strike into the ball, essential for chipping out of the rough. Standing on your front foot also limits your lower body movement – reducing you chances of chunking or skulling the shot. Finally, this position will help you feel the correct positioning into impact with your lead hand – reducing your chances of flipping at impact.

With this technique, the ball should pop up nicely from the rough with some spin for added control – easily saving you 3-5 shots per round.

Give it a try!

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