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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I was playing in my usual golf league the other day and heard this rumor that got me excited.  You see, my swing is driven by tempo and control, because of that I've found practicing in flop flops to be quite effective at ensuring my swing was under control.  This way, when I swing out of my shoes, I know it.  The invention of the golf flip flop might be a short-lived fad, but they do have at least one buyer! 

We haven't checked in with our friend, the IP Golf Guy in awhile – but this post was definitely worth sharing. Check these shoes out!

golf shoe flip flops pictures

The drawing comes from USPN 7584553 titled “Flip Flop Golf Sandal,” which describes the invention as:

A flip flop sandal comprising a sole portion made from a flexible, resilient and moldable material. The sole has an upper surface and a lower surface. Molded within the upper surface is a foot attachment strap having an enlarged end captured within the sole portion. The largest dimension of the enlarged end portion is about 8 to 16 times larger at its largest dimension than the thickness of the foot strap where it meets the upper surface of the sole portion. Also molded within the sole portion are a plurality of spikes. The spikes comprise a lower exposed portion for gripping the surface upon which the wearer walks and a upper bud portion that extends away from the lower portion at a first diameter and expands to a larger diameter farther from the lower portion. The larger diameter is molded within the sole portion. It is important to note that the floor, which is depressed from the raised portions, follows the outline of the wearer's foot to maintain the foot within the flip flop sandal, particularly when the wearer is swinging a golf club.


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