Flagstick Putting Setup Drill

Putting is the most personalized part of the golf game; it is all about individuality, feel and confidence. That being said, putting styles differ quite a lot from player to player, especially on tour. Because of this, there are many things about putting that are not worth teaching. Take the putting grip for example – when it comes to putting, I’ve seen all sorts of grips work… on tour for example, you will find players who putt using left hand low, reverse overlap or even the claw. That being said, there are two fundamental of putting that needs to be used by all golfers.

A Square Putting Stance

flagstick putting drills

A square stance is imperative when putting because it will help dictate the path your putter travels on. An open or closed stance at address will encourage your shoulders to travel along the same path, leading to pulled or pushed putts. The more putts you miss, the more you’ll try and steer the ball into the whole – this leads to deceleration and a general fear of missing putts. The end result is a lot of missed putts and higher scores. Put simply, don't do it.

You may think this is a worst-case scenario, but I assure you it happens almost ever time with a player who sets up open or closed to their target line at address.

Aligning Yourself to your Square Stance

It’s not good enough simply having a square stance, you need to align your hips, shoulders and eyes to this line to ensure you are properly aligned to your target. A square setup will ensure you putter is travelling along the proper path.

Placing a flagstick across the tips of your toes parallel to your target line is a great way to ensure you are square to your target line. To check your shoulder, and hip position, place a club across them and ensure that your club shaft is parallel to the flagstick. Once you’re square, you’re set.

Take this great tip to the course and watch your scores improve.

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