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This week we have a great new swing from Brent… We've had quite a bit of feedback so far. He has some consistent swing issues that he suffers from… but its best put in his words. "I'm aware of my straight left leg on the backswing and excessive head movement. Any good drills to correct that? Also, I'd appreciate any and all help you could give me. Thank you!" Let's have a look….


Rate my golf swing What a reader from Facebook says… Club looks slightly laid off at top of swing. However, if you are working on the 1-piece swing, it doesn't look too bad. At impact, your hands should be in front of the ball more(especially with your driver swing). Also, with the driver swing, I think you should be getting your weight more to your front foot. Not quite a reverse pivot going on … Read Morethere, but still not getting a full weight transfer. I would think more about hitting the ball with the back of your left had to avoid the little flip move your making with your hands at impact.

What The Golf Drill Guru has to say… Hey Ed,

Thanks for uploading your swing! Great video!

To start off I'd like to ask if you're a stack and tilt style swinger? If so, ignore my next comments – At the top I notice your body weight is not 90% on your rear leg. You have a slight reverse pivot at the top. This problem causes too much lower body movement… as you'll notice in your slow motion shots, your front knee bends quite a bit at the top which causes your whole body to drop down. This is the major contributor to the head movement you're talking about. Fix your weight shift, and you'll reduce this head movement quite dramatically. Below are links to two drills that will really help you out with getting the proper weight shift.

A Drill to Fix your Reverse C Weight-Shift A Drill to Keep your Lower Body Stable Also, as another reader already mentioned, you do indeed have a slight reverse C finish. I'd highly recommend working on your weight shift.

On the down the line video, yes, you can definitely see that you're a little layed off at the top. This is because of your slightly inside swing path. To be honest – I wouldn't worry about this too much… your downswing attacks the ball well from the inside which is ideal… and you're making a pretty good pass at it. So as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Lastly, in the down-the-line video I noticed your stance is slightly open in relation to your hip and shoulder line. This is rather minor, but you should square up everything at address to increase your consistency.

I hope that helps, let me know how it goes.

Do you see anything else that could help out Brent? Feel free to comment below or on the SirSwingsAlot page. Thanks to all that have submitted a swing at Have a YouTube video of your swing? Looking for some free advice from your peers and The Golf Drill Guru? Get it up on!

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