The Hooking Drill Tiger Woods Hates

Butch Harmon was an advocate of this drill and it was used quite often on Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods said that this drill was by far, the most irritating but effective drill he ever tried. If it can help Tiger’s game, likely it can help your game as well.

Hooking drills tiger woods used

To practice this drill, setup to a ball, and swing to the top of your backswing, then stop. Next, in your head slowly count one…two… before starting your downswing and finishing the swing. This drill is very effective at slowing your lower body and the rotation of your wrists through impact. By stopping at the top, you’ll be forced to properly time the downswing sequence in order to hit a decent shot.

This drill will give you instant feedback if your downswing is quick or poorly sequenced. Without a properly sequenced downswing – starting with your weight shifting slightly to your lead foot, followed by your hands dropping down as your body slowly uncoils into impact – you’ll never be rid of your hook.

Give it a try

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  1. Great tip. I’m guessing 95% of all of my swing problems are related to being too quick on the down swing. The harder I try to hit it, the quicker the downswing, the more often I hook. Will definitely use these drill to improve my tempo and consistency off the tee.

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