Quick Tip – Locking your Lower Body

Tight lies are common on the golf course… in this post however we’re not going to talk about tight lies with your lie, but tight lies in relation to your stance. There are many shots in golf that require a locked lower body – a tight lie is one of them. A locked lower body will facilitate solid contact by reducing your ability to move up and down while swinging.

stable lower body drill

Our course this year was stricken with drought… we had many bare lies, on our fairways and tees. By ensuring we had a stable and locked lower body, these shots became a lot easier. Practice this technique on the range, feel as though you’re swinging only with your arms and that your lower body is locked in ice. If you work on this in a practice bunker or sidewalk you’ll get the feel for it very quickly. Use this technique when you have a fairway bunker shot to avoid hitting it heavy or thin, from tight lies on grass, when hitting from old cart paths or when faced with a shot where solid contact is key.

Give it a try!

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