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We've been seeing lots of great videos over at and I thought we'd share one with you tonight. 

This is Ben. He suffers from "either a wicked slice or a block left". Let's have a look….

ImageWhat The Golf Drill Guru says…

"It looks like you're too close to the ball, this is causing you to be hunched over. You can see it quite clearly when you setup, your spine is curved and not straight. If you stand further away from the ball, and focus on maintaining a consistent spine angle throughout your swing, I think a lot of your problems will disappear. Specifically, your inside move on the takeaway, and your slight over-the-top move.

Here is a post that would help you out… "The Importance of Spine Angle" "

On the best measurement for determining how close to stand to the ball…

"The best measurement would be to ensure that your arms are hanging freely from your shoulders. As long as you are not forcibly reaching, or forcing your hands close to your body you should find a good position. Ideally, with a proper setup position, your arms should hang nearly straight down from your shoulders. From this position, simply grip a club, where it lies on the grass is how far the ball should be from your stance. I hope that helps!"

Thanks to all that have submitted a swing at Have a YouTube video of your swing? Looking for some free advice from your peers and The Golf Drill Guru? Get it up on!

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