Ping i15 Testing, Reader Email

Good morning everyone! Our friends over at the TopGolf Fitting Blog have done some testing with the new Ping i15 irons and I thought I'd pass along the results.

ImageThe guys at TopGolf in Chicago have had a chance to test the Ping i15 irons using their Trackman. You can see the full review and results on their blog. The testing information is in PDF form at the bottom. Interesting to see the difference in distance between the i10 and i15… even with the rest of the results being so close. Nice job guys!

A question from a reader…

How do "draw" golf clubs work. Should I set up different when using them?

A draw club is designed to help close the face through impact. Typically a slice is caused by someone coming through with either 1) an open face or 2) coming across the ball with a square face. Both of these cause side spin on the ball and the ball with fade (slice). A closed face will decrease this unwanted side spin and help keep the ball straight. Ideally you want to line the club up as normal and let it do it's thing during the swing. Thanks for the email!

I mentioned the Zappos Golf blog a few weeks ago. Recently they asked their Twitter followers for suggestions on great golf books. You can see the results here. One of my suggestions made the list. I won't tell you which one it is though…

That's all for now. Thanks to all of our readers that have checked out We're excited that some of you have uploaded your swings. The Golf Drill Guru has been busy posting tips and comments as the videos come in. It's a great way to get some free tips… and anyone that posts their swing has a chance to win one of three swing analysis' from The Golf Drill Guru. Don't have a swing to upload? No worries… you can still comment on and rate the swings of others! 

Speaking of videos… I'll leave you with one of my favorites… 


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