Nike Method Putter, Scotty Cameron News

Good evening and thanks for stopping by. We've got a new Nike putter to talk about and some Scotty Cameron news too. Let's roll…

Nike has introduced their new Method putter. You've probably seen this one already… perhaps without even knowing it. Both Lucas Glover and Stewart Cink used the putter in their Major victories this year. The big buzz here is Nike's Polymetal Groove Technology. The putter face has grooves on it that are filled with a polymer material. The idea is pretty simple… the polymer dampens the feel and the edges of the metal grooves help eliminate back spin. The end result is a putt that rolls true and doesn't skip. Tough to discount this technology… the putter has 5 wins including 2 Majors. Check out the Nike Golf website for more details. Watch for these in the spring.


Scotty Cameron is making some putter news as well. His California Series are scheduled for release in September. Watch for 4 models… the Coronado, Monterey, Sonoma and the Del Mar. We'll pass along more info as we get it!

The guys over at Zappos are golf crazy. They love the sport and love to talk about it. I follow them on Twitter and came across a cool article on their blog the other day. A few of the folks from Zappos had a chance to go to Callaway Golf Headquarters and preview the 2010 line. The article focuses more on clothing, footwear and accessories but it's still a great read.

That's all for now. I've been trying to work a fun video into my posts lately so I thought I'd continue the trend tonight. The video quality isn't that great but this one is one of my favorites. As you probably know, Darren Clarke is my favorite golfer. The guy rocks… but he didn't rock this shot. This has to be one of the biggest shanks I've ever seen.



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