Coming to a TV Near You… John Daly

I guess it was really only a matter of time before John Daly got his own reality TV show… again. And to be honest… I can't wait.

ImageThe Golf Channel has announced that they're working on a new John Daly show that will air in early 2010. The yet to be named show promises to showcase Daly's new "boring life". It doesn't sound as exciting as "The Daly Planet" (his previous show in 2006) but I'm sure he'll find a way to keep it interesting.

Keeping with JD… we've had a few readers email asking about his pants. Daly sports slacks from Loudmouth Golf. These guys make some pretty cool stuff and they couldn't have found a better person to wear their product. These two just seem to fit well together!

You may have read about JD's Twitter habit. Daly is one of the many golf professionals that have hopped on the Twitter bandwagon. The cool thing about Daly is that he's one of the few that actually interacts with his fans. If you're on Twitter be sure to look him up @PGA_JohnDaly .

In celebration of my all John Daly post, here's a random video of him playing golf without a shirt on. Keep it up JD… you rock!


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