Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid Review

Idea Pro Gold sets a new standard in hybrids designed for elite players, combining 5% more forgiveness on off—center hits with a 10% improvement in launch conditions while retaining the look, feel and workability that has made the Idea Pro hybrid the #1 hybrid played on tour.

What Our Advisory Team Says…

Many of our Advisory Team members loved this hybrid…


It is as close to a pure iron as you’ll find. Except that it’s way more forgiving.


Adams did it right. Even the stock shaft is top notch.


Not very forgiving. Probably not my first choice.


I already have two and might get a third. I hit them so well. Why play long irons?


I find that I’m not good enough to make this one work. Probably a great club for a good player.


What We Say…


People used to think that hybrids were only meant for the higher handicappers… probably because there weren’t many designed for the more accomplished player. Adams has done a great job creating a hybrid that appeals to those golfers with a lower handicap.


Performance – It’s fun to hit a hybrid that allows you to work the ball like you can with an iron. It’s also refreshing to see a flatter, more penetrating ball flight from a hybrid. The Adams Idea Pro Gold is everything that the better player wants. Some people mentioned that it was slightly shorter than other hybrids that they’ve hit. This might have something to do with the fatter trajectory… it means less carry for some players.


Feel – I don’t know if we’ll ever mistake the feel of a hybrid for the feel of a well struck blade but the Adams is probably as close as we’re going to get for now. Well struck shots feel fantastic… miss hits can hurt. This is definitely a club for someone that values feel over forgiveness. The maraging face gives the club some real “pop” on most shots.


Value – The Adams Idea Pro Gold hybrids are an outstanding value now. The original release price put these at the higher end of the hybrid spectrum but they’ve since come down. The clubs are now really reasonably priced and their stock shaft is a big upgrade over most. Good thing they’re fairly inexpensive… you might find yourself buying more than one.


Looks – This is one area where many will agree the Pro Gold took a step backwards from the previous Idea Pro. Adams has incorporated their Boxer Technology into this club and the result is a slightly larger, boxier profile. This Boxer Technology is suppose to help with MOI… but many find there is marginal improvement from the previous model. Probably not enough to warrant the increased profile. Others enjoy the new look… saying it inspires some extra confidence. Some people don’t like the weight in the sole of the club. I’ve heard people say that it’s a magnet for dirt and mud but I haven’t seen it first hand.


Innovation – There’s a lot of good technology packed into this club.. and we’d expect nothing less from one of the leaders in the hybrid market. Most of what Adams has included is technology they’ve used before in other clubs. One of the big areas of improvement here has to be the stock shaft options. The shaft you’ll most commonly see in this club (the Matrix Ozik) is a tour-level shaft and is an outstanding choice for the better player. Adams offers a wide array of other shafts (other popular choices include the Mitsubishi JavLn and Graphite Design YS) and their custom department is great. It’s nice to see a company offering such a wide array of shafts and such a solid stock shaft. The club is offered in numerous lofts as well.


Overall – The Adams Idea Pro Gold hybrid is one of the best “players” hybrids on the market. If you can hit it… try it. If you already struggle with your irons… this probably won’t help. There are lots of other choices out there for you.

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