Quit Coming Over-the-Top and Save $60

Who has seen that infomercial for the Inside Approach or the Path Pro? Trust me, if you have The Golf Channel you’ve seen it, its a little foam bar that can be used to help players rid their swings of that dreaded over-the-top / slice move. Anyway, I have used something similar in my lessons to help my students with this swing fault and I thought I would share it with you.

I found this tool not only helped my students get the club on a better path to the ball; they also saw a dramatic increase in accuracy and distance.

Here is my home-made training aid!

make your own inside approach pull fix

It’s rather simple to make, stick a club through a half-filled bucket of range balls. There, I just saved you $60, plus shipping.

When trying to practice this drill you will want to tee the ball up directly under the shaft about 4-5 inches from the end (so your driver head starts underneath the butt end of the shaft, as shown in the picture). This tool is designed to reinforce an in to out swing path by making it impossible to come over the top.

stop coming over the top

Start practicing this swing path without this tool; setup normally and swing back. From the top, as you swing down, feel as though the club is attacking the inside right corner of the ball – and continue swinging outward across the line – the ball should travel well to the right of your intended target (a push). This is considered an in to out swing path. If you can’t recreate this push, keep working at it, it will come.

Now setup with your homemade training aid, and perform the same swing motion. With some practice you should be able to start swinging the club on a more ideal in-to-in motion. Obviously, if you make contact with the shaft, you can be sure that your swing has reverted back to your old over-the-top move.

This ‘inside’ move into impact is what we like to see! It’s also known as “finding the slot” and it will help to generate a lot more power in your downswing. This drill will teach you how to maintain your wrist angle (lag) longer, and help transfer it better into impact better… the result = more distance and accuracy.

Give it a try and if you have any questions, please comment below!


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