Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Driver Review

Airmail your playing partners. That’s your first thought on the tee box. And the all-titanium Big Bertha Diablo Driver will help you do it, bringing wicked power and distance to go along with the generous sweet spot.

What Our Advisory Team Says…

Members of our Advisory Team that could get past the look of the Diablo had a great experience…

I’m sorry but I can’t hit this one. It’s too ugly.

I played the original Fusion driver until I found this. It’s incredible how far the ball goes. And straight too!

Long, straight and ugly. Long and straight won out and now I carry a Diablo. I got rid of the stock shaft though.

It’s nice to see a “cheaper” club perform so well.

What We Say…

We haven’t had this much positive response from readers in regards to a specific club in… well… ever.

Performance – It’s tough to dislike a driver that does everything that it is suppose to do. Sure… you still have to put a good swing on it (it doesn’t work by itself), but the Diablo is a club that makes the most out of whatever you give it. Many people we’ve talked to tout this as one of the longest, easiest to hit drivers they’ve ever used. Callaway’s Hyperbolic Face Technology makes the most out of miss hits and the additional perimeter weighting keeps the head incredibly stable through impact. Most people find the Diablo’s ball flight to be a bit more penetrating than that offered by other drivers.

Feel – People like that the Diablo feels the same across almost the entire face. Well struck shots might not feel quite as good as other drivers but heel and toe shots feel that much better.

Value – This is a very strong category for the Diablo. The recent customization craze has produced some pretty pricey clubs but the Diablo is positioned in a much more reasonable price point. Callaway’s Big Bertha line has been strong in this category for years.

Looks – Most will agree that this isn’t a real strength of the Diablo. If you’re concerned about how a club looks… keep looking. The Diablo isn’t rounded… but it isn’t square. It’s a strange combination of the two. The club’s massive footprint will turn some consumers away but it’s performance will keep many hooked. There’s a method to this awkwardly shaped madness though… Callaway says it helps with MOI and the club’s COG. If a square driver mated with a traditional driver… you get the idea…

Innovation – Callaway has always been a leader when it comes to drivers (all woods for that matter). The Diablo doesn’t really offer any earth-shattering new technology… it’s a combination of many proven Callaway technologies. The company has found a way to maximize everything and the result is one long and straight driver. The club is offered in two different heads (draw and neutral) but it lacks full customization options like some of the other drivers on the market. The stock Aldila shaft is a decent choice for most golfers.

Overall – Our readers love this driver and so do we. It’s horrible to look at but it’s tough to complain about long and straight drives. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced bomber, make sure you try the Diablo. You won’t be disappointed.

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