Titleist AP2 Iron Review

Titleist AP2 irons are advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity, technical forged irons providing traditional solid feel, looks and shot control for the skilled player.


What Our Advisory Team Says…

Most of the Advisory Team agreed on these. A great players cavity with fantastic feel across the face…

Play like a cavity. Feel like a blade. I'm sold. 

I was really interested in trying the Projext X shafts. I found a set of AP2's with them and thought they were great. 

I was down to these and the Cleveland CG7 Tour irons. It was close but the Titleist won. They just felt a bit better. Good shots felt crisp. 

I wish they would go on sale. Nothing wrong with the clubs, just the price!

Overall Advisory Team Rating – 77%

What We Say…

Titleist has found a way to combine a relatively traditional looking forged head with a cavity full of technology.

Performance – Let’s run through some things that better players typically like. They like feel. They like a more penetrating ball flight. They like having the ability to work the ball and play a variety of shots. They like a bit of help when their swing goes south but don’t need a boatload of game improvement technology. There are a number of irons on the market that provide all of these but it seems that the AP2’s provide a bit more in some categories. The one area where these irons seem to really stand out is forgiveness. Are these the next Big Bertha irons? Nope… and they’re not suppose to be. Do they offer that extra bit of forgiveness that many similar irons don’t? Yes. Players that use these will recognize that heel and toe shots feel a bit more like a well struck shot. The penetrating ball flight is there, the feel is there and the workability is there. What more could you ask for? 

Feel – The knock on many cavity irons is that they don’t feel as good as a blade. The AP2 is about as close as it comes. The vibration dampening technology helps create a solid feel across a large part of the face. Miss hits don’t feel nearly as pure but they won’t hurt you. Well struck shots feel a bit dull compared to those hit with others irons in the same category. Guess you can't have everything…

Value – The Titleist AP2 irons are competitively priced when compared to other irons in the same class. The stock Project X shafts are a nice value add. 

Looks – Titleist has done a nice job combining technology and traditional looks here. The AP2 is slightly bulkier (both on the top line and sole) than other “players” irons but they’re still clean enough to appeal to most. The cavity color is toned down a bit more than the AP1 irons and, like the AP1, these look much better in person. It's nice to see a Titleist iron that isn't so "Plain Jane".

Innovation – The additional technology isn’t just for show… it really works. The elastomer insert helps dampen unwanted vibration and the tungsten sole box optimizes launch. Titleist has done a great job mixing technology and looks. The stock Project X shafts are a great addition as well. Titleist has a strong custom department and other shafts are available should the need arise. 

Overall – The player’s cavity has come a long way in recent years. Companies are finding new ways to mix clean looks and game improvement technology. The AP2 is a prime example. This club offers almost everything a more traditional blade presents but adds forgiveness and a more solid feel across the face. Titleist has done a great job with these. There’s a reason that this club is the choice for many Titleist players on the PGA Tour. 

Overall Editor Rating – 82%

Overall Combined Rating – 80%

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