Titleist AP1 Iron Review

Titleist AP1 irons are advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity irons providing great looks, feel, shot control and higher flight with forgiveness for the skilled and aspiring player.


What Our Advisory Team Says…


Our Advisory Team liked these. They found them to be a great combination of performance, forgiveness and feel…


A solid iron for the better player. I recommend them to any single digits or low double digits out there.


Slightly more bulky than my Mizuno blades but they feel awesome. I’d consider these if I was looking for new irons.


I remember seeing these on TV and thinking that they looked ugly. I saw them in person and it changed my mind. I had a set fit for me and have been using them ever since.


Overall Advisory Team Rating – 84%


What We Say…


The AP1’s feature a bit more technology than other Titleist irons of the past and the company has done an admirable job of packaging it all up into a somewhat traditional look.


Performance – When used by the right type of golfer, these irons are fantastic. The AP1’s are a solid “tweener” club… meaning they’re designed for a mid to low handicapper. Players looking for a true game improvement iron should look elsewhere. The AP1’s offer a mid – high ball flight and decent forgiveness. Players looking to better control their ball flight through knock downs and shot shaping should be able to do so with these.


Feel – The AP1’s provide a great mix of feedback and forgiveness. They will reward your good shots but won’t make you pay for the bad ones. These are what “tweener” irons should feel like. This is a very strong category for the AP1 irons.


Value – I don’t know if Titleist has ever been a leader in the value category but the AP1’s are reasonably priced for a multi-material iron.


Looks – Titleist die-hards might not like the look of these irons. They’re a bit more “techie” looking than previous models. Many people we’ve talked to say they see some Cobra in these… which isn’t a bad thing. We find these look a lot better in person. The top line is thicker than many Titleist irons but that’s to be expected. These are for a mid handicapper, not a Tour player. Players looking for a similar club with a slightly trimmed down look may want to consider the Titleist AP2 irons… although they’re not as forgiving.


Innovation – It’s nice to see a company like Titleist playing with a bit more technology (elastomer cushion insert, tungsten nickel weighting) than usual. These technologies really add to the overall feel and performance… they’re not just there for looks. The AP1 and AP2 irons are a big step in terms of innovation for Titleist. The True Temper Dynamic Gold HL is a nice stock steel shaft choice for these.


Overall – This is exactly what a “tweener” club should be. The AP1 feels great on well struck shots and doesn’t punish you too much for the bad ones. Don’t let it’s relatively clean look fool you though. Titleist has packed a lot of very useful technology into the AP1. Despite these technologies, the AP1 should not be mistaken for a true game improvement club. Higher handicappers should probably look elsewhere. If you’re a mid-handicapper looking for a great iron… make sure you hit these.


Overall Editor Rating – 86%


Overall Combined Rating – 85%

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