Cobra Speed Series Driver Review

Cobra is quietly putting together a great 2006. Their recently signed PGA Tour players have played very well, their new equipment is selling and there seems to be a very positive buzz around the whole company. The Speed Series woods came out at the end of 2005 and Cobra hopes that this new line has something for everyone.


Let’s first take a look the different Speed Series models…


Cobra M Speed – Designed for the golfer that enjoys hitting neighboring fairways. The M Series is both offset and closed… providing the golfer with as much slice-fighting help as possible. The stock shaft (Aldila NV-M Speed) helps get the ball in the air.


Cobra F Speed – Probably the most popular of the bunch. The F Speed features some draw bias… not as much as the M Speed though. It’s Aldila NV-F Speed shaft is designed to hit the ball slightly lower than the M but not as low as the X. The amount of face closure on the F Speed depends on the degree of the driver.


Cobra X Speed – This one is for the better player… the player that wants to work the ball and doesn’t have too much problem keeping it straight. Most of my customers still associate Cobra with game improvement and don’t take this driver too seriously… but they should.


All three of these clubs share some similar technologies… 460CC heads with heel/toe weighting, hot faces with laser welds and quality Aldila shafts.


The Cobra drivers of 2004/2005 were really good. Our testers loved them, my customers loved them and our readers loved them. They were a near perfect combination of forgiveness and distance. The Speed Series drivers had a tough act to follow but they have delivered… Cobra has taken a good thing and made it even better. I won’t lie… the idea of having three different head designs and three different stock shaft options worried me a bit at first. Would customers understand ball speed? Would they be confused by the different head designs? Would they be able to figure out what they needed? Props to Cobra for keeping these drivers really easy to understand. Have a huge slice? Go with the offset M Speed. Are you an average golfer looking for a combination of draw bias and distance? Try the F Speed. Want to work the ball? Try the X Speed. We can then take customization to another level. Cobra can take any head and put it with any of the three stock shafts. Each shaft features a different kick point to produce a different ball flight. It’s easy customization without upcharges.


The Cobra Speed series woods are really easy to hit. The “9 Points” are even hotter than before and Cobra has found a way to make the face even more forgiving. The two weights in the back (yes.. they’re actual weights) helps keep the club stable on miss hits. The customization options are easy to understand and the stock shafts are actually very good. The Speed Series drivers are appealing to the eye and Cobra does a nice job of masking the 460CC size. I’ve had very few negative comments with these drivers… some people are confused by the ball speed stats on the shafts. Most good golf shops or clubfitters can help you find the right shaft without too much problem. I’ve also had a few people feel that they are limited to certain shafts and heads based on their game. Cobra provides guidelines for each club but it’s best that you get out and demo these to find the perfect combination.


Forgiving? Check. Long? Check. Easy on the eyes? Check. Reasonably priced? Check. Different options for different golfers? Check. The Cobra Speed Series drivers are our early favorites for driver of the year. Come on now… did you really think we were going to start our 2006 golf club reviews with a bad one?


Overall Rating – 98%


Target Handicap – Different models available for different handicaps


Head Size – 460CC on all models


Stock Shafts – 3 different Aldila NV shaft options offered

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