Wilson FG Tour Iron, New Adams Woods

Good evening everyone and thanks for stopping by. I've been out of town for a few days so I need to play some catch up. We've got some new clubs from Wilson, Adams and Mizuno!

First up… a new Wilson iron being used by Ricky Barnes this week. Barnes is playing Wilson's Staff FG Tour prototype irons at the U.S. Open. Here's a quick picture from Wilson's Facebook page … a page I suggest you join if you frequent Facebook.


Next… Adams Golf introduced some new clubs earlier this week… the Speedline 9032LS Driver and the 9032Ti Hybrid-Fairway. The 9032LS driver features lower spin and less drag than the previous driver. Adams says the more aerodynamic design should result in a 3-4 MPH increase in club head speed. The 9032LS also has a bigger, more forgiving face than the previous model. 


Adams calls their 9032Ti Hybrid-Fairway the "longest-hitting fairway wood ever developed by Adams Golf". The company has thinned out the crown and walls of this new club and have also added two tungsten sole weights. They also come with a guarentee of an additional 10 yards over conventional fairway woods for all golfers. 


Watch for both of these in stores next month. 

Our friends over at have some new pictures of the Mizuno M-68 prototype irons. Nice find guys!

That's all for tonight. We'll have more this weekend… the email box is full and we've got some reviews ready to go. Talk to you soon! 


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