Golf Patents – What's Next For Ping?

Hey everyone. Tonight we've got a quick update from David at Golf Patents. Looks like Ping has been working to secure some names for upcoming products.

Image"Following up on my recent POST regarding a few interesting Callaway trademark applications, what does PING have in store for their future product lines? Not surprisingly, PING is keeping the “G” and “i” product lines alive. Earlier this month they filed trademark applications seeking protection for the G15 mark and the i15 mark.

So, is the golf industry lacking in originality when developing new product names or is it simply a matter of capitalizing on a recognized brand? I believe that it is the later, especially given the frequency that new product lines are launched now days. That said, when does it stop? Will we be hitting the TaylorMade R1000, the Callaway FT-1000, the PING G1000, etc. in 20 years?"

For more golf patent news, check out David's website.

Staying with Ping… the company has Launched the Ping Locker Room . It's an interactive site designed to connect with other Ping followers. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these types of sites very soon. Nice job by Ping.

That's all for now… we'll talk to you tomorrow!

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