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David over at Golf Patents has a quick update for us on some new Callaway patents as well as news on a possible TaylorMade R11.

ImageIt has been over 1.5 years since I last reported on Callaway's trademark filings. Well, an update may provide some insight on future Callaway clubs.

USPTO records indicate that Callaway intends to use EN FUEGO abd JAWS GROOVES as trademarks associated with golf clubs. I like the name EN FUEGO, which means "on fire", for clubs but what is with JAWS GROOVES? I suspect "jaws" must be an acronym for something.

It STILL appears that R11 is the next product line for TaylorMade, as they have kept the trademark application alive by filing a second request for a 6-month extension to submit proof that they are using the mark.

One of my first posts on the Golf-Patents blog discussed using trademark filings as a source of competitive intelligence.

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