Cleveland CG12 Wedge Introduced

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay on the new site. I guess we’ll keep updating this one until everything gets going. Just a few quick Cleveland notes for you so let’s get to it!

Cleveland Golf has officially introduced their CG12 wedge. Consider the CG12 Cleveland’s version of a “high spin” wedge. Titleist has their Spin Milled, TaylorMade has their Y-Cutter grooves, Callaway has their Mack Daddy… so it only makes sense for Cleveland to jump in with their Zip Groove technology. These grooves are milled and offer golfers more spin and better distance control. The CG12 is made from 8620 carbon steel and will be available May 18th.

Speaking of Cleveland… we got our first shipment of CG Red and CG Gold irons in the other day. Their colorful inserts really stand out on the wall. Most people I’ve talked to aren’t huge fans of the colors but don’t mind the actual product. Both versions feel really good and feature fairly clean lines and traditional styling. I’m very curious to see more customer reaction on these. Send us a quick email and let us know what you think!!

That’s it for now. I’m really hoping we can get the new site up and running soon. We were waiting to update but it’s almost been a week and we figured you missed us. I’ll be back tomorrow with a review! See you then!

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