The Follow-Through Chicken Wing

When coming into impact, the ideal position has the wrists leading and the club trailing behind as shown. Immediately after impact, the clubhead catches up to the wrists, and you get full extension with the arms, maximizing power.  This move extends your swing arc, and as described the 4 Secrets to More Distance post, a wider arc means more distance.  

chicken wing drill tips


In contrast, the chicken-wing position shown here faded will drastically screw up your swing.  The chicken-wing finish is characterized by a bent left elbow pointing to the sky. This only happens when you don’t release your wrists through impact. The rolling of the wrists is imperative to distance, consistency and also the health of your shoulders, elbows and wrists. This mistake is commonly coupled with slices, hooks and generally inconsistent ball flight.  This move will also drastically reduce your swing arc, taking away any chance at a powerful swing.

One of the most important pointers of a solid swing is a smooth follow-through – to have this, you must rotate your wrists through impact, otherwise this fault will plague your game leading to higher scores, and potential golf injuries.


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